Friday, June 3, 2011

What if you sold it all?

Power Word:Gold had a fun little contest a while back called The"Treasure Potion Trash Dash" Challengers You! Go check it out and I will wait here for you while you read some of the surprising results. Back? I told you I would still be here.

So here are my results in the run I did for the contest.I chose to farm Scalding Rock Elementals Hyjal.

Greys and Vendor Items
Hoary crystals-173 total 33g83s88c
Efflorcing shards- 33 total 8g24s67c
Pockmarked Hat-3 total 3g45s33c
Pockmarked cloth bracers 77s02c
Perforated Plate boots 1g98s92c
clammy mail belt 1g12s22c
Clammy mail pants 2g26s92c
Perforated plate gloves 1g32s18c
Pockmarked cloth vest 1g46s88c
Clammy Mail gloves 1g11s
Total 47g76s62c

Design:Keen Hessonite 0g0s0c
Angerfang Knuckles Of The Bandit-17g22s40c
Yojamba Waistband Of The Marksmen-4g18s01c
Nazferiti Belt Of The Marksman-4g80s96c
Yojambi Bindings Of The Marksman-4g44s89c
Mosshide Gloves Of The Galeburst- 4g15s66c
Mosshide Bindings Of The Monkey- 4g35s78c
Sundown Greaves Of The Bandit-7g44s43c
Total 46g62s13c
Volatile Earth-total 11 96s25c

15 Tiny Treasure Chest( didn't expect that many!)
Embersilk Cloth total 52
Pyrite Ore total 1
Volatile Life total 3
Volatile Air total 4
Volatile Water total 7
Merceldar Spellblade Of The Undertow
Total 71g10s10c

Overall vendor value of all items 166g45s10c

Not to bad, but this got me thinking "what if I sold it all?' I would still vendor the junk but I would like to see what I would get on my server if I sold the other items, I will post my results tomorrow and whatever doesnt sell I will go by Auctioneers numbers to see what the GPH is using one of the Potion Of Treasure Finding in the same location. This isn't a challenge as its all server dependent but I still would love to see everyone's results.


  1. I love that grinding spot as well especially for miners who can mine the dead elementals. I'm anxious to see your AH results.

  2. Thanks bud, Getting some numbers in tonight and should have the post up sometime tomorrow afternoon. I would be interested to see what you come up with if you would like to give it a go