Saturday, July 9, 2011

Thank you Nev, Flux,and Alto

First let me apologize for not having a post up in a few weeks, some of you guys know about my back issues and well I have been laid up in bed for the better part of two weeks.

Right before my back started giving me problems, I had an excellent tutorial on the Trade Skill Master Addon from Nev over at AH addict via skpe. I wanted to get competitive in the glyph market and she helped me get it all set up to sell glyphs, and as I started using it I slowly started setting it up for my other markets. Wow! What a great addon. I am making more gold in less time then I ever have in the past. Glyphs, Gems, Jewelery, Ore, Herbs, Enchanting matts, freaking Cookies! I am using it for everything! Thank you Nev for taking the time to help me set this up.

Since I don't want to mess with perfection, I wont be writing my own tutorial here, but instead giving you a few links to other bloggers that have already written on TSM and how to set it up. Please trust me when I tell you that in at least some markets you are not competing to your full potential without this addon.

So first we go to Nev's site, she has a two part mini guide that will get you all set up.Part One TSM-Basic Setup Guide for Glyphs and then TSM-Part Two- Crafting & Posting Glyphs

Now if videos are your thing you can check out Flux over at Power Word:Gold, he did an excellent two part video.

Last but not least check out Alto's post on TSM The Absolute Best guide to Trade Skill Master

This should get you started and you will be competing on the AH like never before, more gold in less time, I promise!