Saturday, June 4, 2011

The results of what if you sold it all?

As Yesterdays post stated, I was going to drink a Potion Of Treasure Finding farm for an hour and see what my results were if I sold all the non junk on the auction house. So here are the results of my little test. Please let me know if you try this yourself on your server and let me know your results too.

14 Tiny Treasure Chest
The breakdown on the chests were as follows.
1. 3g20s84c-10 Embersilk Cloth 5 Volatile Water 1 Volatile Earth
2. 2g45s18c  1 Elementium Ore
3. 4g21s35c  1 Volatile Water
4. 2g26s39c  4 Embersilk Cloth
5. 4g74s62c
6. 4g86s85c
7. 4g64s7c    6 Embersilk Cloth 2 Elementium Ore 3 Volatile Fire
8. 4g28s81c  8 Embersilk Cloth 3 Volatile Earth
9. 4g35s82c  10 Embersilk Cloth 1 Volatile Water
10.1g92s21c  5 Volatile Earth 2 Pyrite Ore
11. 5g45s33c 1 Pyrite Ore 1 Volatile Earth
12. 4g58s96c
13. 3g67s32c 10 Embersilk Cloth 3Volatile Fire
14 4g 44s 55c 4 Elementium Ore
Total gold received from Tiny Treasure Chest was 55g12s30c

Junk Items that got sold to the vendor
Efflorescing Shards x40 9g99s60c
Hoary Crystals x178 34g81s68c
Pockmarked Cloth Shoulder Pads 1g10s57c
Melted Cleaver 5g57s77c
Robble's Wobbly Staff 5g17s77c
Dirt-Caked Shoulderpads 1g41s84c
Total gold received from junk 60g09s43c

Next on the list are the Green Items, I only had two that I had to use Auctioneer prices on which actually makes me think that since they sold so fast I may have been able to list at a higher price but I took the Auctioneer price and added 10-20g to Each and listed them.
Sundown Helm Of The Zephyr 77g22s54c
Stagalbog Jerkin Of The Stormblast 67g99s29c
Mosshide Shoulders Of The Monkey 59g68s99c
Yojamba Waistband Of The Bandit 41g94s68c
Rethban Pauldrons Of The Soldier 67g13s78c
Baradin Cord Of The Invoker 49g83s55c
Angerfang Greatsword Of The Earthshaker 85g16s63c
Razorwind Sword Of The Stormblast 68g22s99c

Total Gold Received from selling the green items was a very nice 517g29s45g
Lets add that up with the Junk and the Gold From Tiny Treasure Chest
and we are already at a total of 632g51s18c
Now for our final section, The Ore, Volatiles, and Cloth. I looted 33 Volatile Earth in Addition to the ones that I received In the Tiny Treasure Chest so lets start with those.
Volatile Earth 417g22s91c
Volatile Fire   75g03s18c
Volatile Air 106g94s0c
Volatile Water 28g52s58c
Embersilk Cloth 58g42s30c
Elementium Ore 11g58s10c
Pyrite Ore 18g71s25c
Total for these items adds up to 716g43s99c

Add that up with our other totals not counting a 9g Repair bill since it was paid for by my guild
and you Gold-Making per hour or GHP for this run was Drum roll please 1348g95s17c
Wow! Do you remember how long it used to make 1300g back in the days of Vanilla? Farming may not be your thing, but I think this at least shows that if you are tired of staring at Trade-Chat or the Auction-House and want to get out and see some of the world that you can still make some decent gold.

If anyone would like to try this and leave your results in the comment section, I would love to see them


  1. Nice result! I keep saying I'm gonna do Flux's challenge again 'cos my results were so bad, maybe I should just knuckle down & do it! lol

  2. Well Nev, you can do Flux's Challenge again and then use the items on mine :P