Thursday, June 2, 2011

Check out the other blogs, while I get started

 This is not your average first post on a blog about gold-making in the World of Warcraft, But I feel it is appropriate to thank a few people for helping me get started.

I have to admit that I don't get to read all the gold blogs out there and two months ago when I started play WoW again, I didn't even know that gold blogs existed. It wasn't until someone mentioned The Undermine Journal in trade chat that my eyes were opened to a whole new world of gold-making. That being said, I am not new to blogging as I have done it in the past on a variety of topics, and I am definitely not new to gold-making or the auction house game in World of Warcraft. A little rusty, yes, but not new.
You can see to the right under other useful resources a few blogs that I read as often as possible, If your gold-making blog isn't listed its nothing against you or your gold-making tips,the people listed have been selected because they have been consistent in their content on gold-making, they have a writing style I enjoy, and they have made themselves available when I have had questions on either gold-making or blogging.I only have so much time to read gold-making blogs each day and these are the ones I try to keep up with.
My hope is that I can bring something new to the table on making gold and being a goblin in WoW, but honestly a lot has been covered, and repeated over and over.A perfect example of this is selling vendor recipes on the auction house which Power Word:Gold has a great article on Parking Unused Characters for profit,or even cross-faction trading, also know as arbitage which was the topic of Cold's gold blogging carnival for April over on Cold's gold factory. I may even write a post about those too, but maybe I can bring something new to the topics.
I may not always be right, I may go against the grain on what some of the other gold-making blogs suggest, but I promise to always be honest and provide ideas that are making gold in WoW for me. If you see in any of my posts where I can improve my gold-making by taking it down the line a bit more,by either crafting,disenchanting,milling,or even flipping let me know.There is still a ton for me to learn about being a goblin.

Please check out the blogs listed in the other useful resources section, you wont be sorry! They are all great and provide excellent gold-making tips.

My gold-making tip of the day is flipping Goldthorn, It can often be found on my server from 2g to 10g each and consistently resells for 25g to 30g each. If farming is your thing, check out Arathi highlands.

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